JAC'd Karaoke

Making People into ROCKSTARS...
                                                                                              for 3 min at a time!

DJ, Karaoke, or Both For: Weddings, Bars, Parties, & Events!

I strive to create a entertaining, fun, and lighthearted environment, that everyone can enjoy. Even for those that aren't singing. Karaoke is all about FUN, so if you are looking for somewhere to show off, tease people, or are just downright curmudgeonly, this is probably not the place for you.

But if you are fun, friendly, and laid back, THEN I'M YOUR MAN!

I am not a professional singer trying to showcase my vocal talent, I want you to be the star of the show. I also don't like to hide behind my equipment all night. I like to get to know the people that come to my shows, and have fun with them.

I post all of my public events on my Facebook page, so you can easily find out where I will be next.  

I use high quality sound equipment and the best karaoke tracks I can find, to provide a show that sounds excellent! 


 I love to sing, and I love giving people the opportunity to get up in front of others and sing. Because singing is, for most people, a very personal thing, as most of us do it when no one else is around. We even feel embarrassed when someone catches us doing it. We all have been there, belting it out, you turn around and see someone standing there! It feels like they saw you naked. I think that we feel so vulnerable because we pour ourselves into singing. Get up here and sing! Have a great time. Be a ROCK STAR!

I got your back!” 

Thanks for visiting my website, 

Jonathan A. Clemons

AKA: Jonny 


Heres what I bring to the table

-  10 years of experience 

- Over 9500 karaoke songs!

- 4 Wireless microphones - Sing with your friends...from anywhere in the bar! 

- Acoustic Guitar - Come play my guitar, Show us your skills!

- Phone mount: Record yourself singing on your phone or even GO LIVE on Facebook!

- Karaoke App : Browse my karaoke songlist, request your next song, see who's next, and even save a favorites list, all from your phone!

- Karaoke Books - All books are sorted by artist AND by song title. Just flip it over!

- New song downloads - If I don't have the song you want, I will get it in minutes!

- Stage monitor speaker - Hear yourself singing!

- Microphone stand...WITH A CUPHOLDER!

- 3000 Watt sound system

- 2x 15" Peavey PA Speakers 

- 2x 18" Peavey Subwoofers 

- LED Lighting