JAC'd Karaoke

Making People into ROCKSTARS...
                                                                                              for 3 min at a time!

Karaoke App 

Download our smartphone/tablet app to:

 Browse, search, and request songs, see who is in line to sing, or create a favorites list!  


Android App                                                     iphone App 

How it works:

1) Download and install the app on your mobile device

2) When you get to our event, connect to our "JAC'D Karaoke" wifi network

3) Open the CAVS RS-II app, and under "settings" "set server IP" enter

If you need help connecting let me know, and I will gladly help you!  

Our karaoke selection

All of my 9500+ songs are legally purchased.  

Can't find the song you are looking for? I am always looking for new songs, so let me know on my contact page! I always try to find the best quality version available, but sometimes it comes down to the only version available. I can also download new songs at my events!

Press ctrl f to search